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Successful Business Practices


Few individuals are successful in the home inspection business over time. Many will drop out of the business within the first year, some will linger for a year or two until all hope is gone and then just fade away. Based on my communications with the new inspectors, there are several reasons why new inspectors are not successful. They include unreasonable expectations, inadequate funding, little or no financial planning, lack of general business knowledge, insufficient "people skills", and insufficient technical knowledge.


The following are a list of items cover for operating a home inspection business. Each topic will be discussed and professionals from the Chartered Accounts Association, Real Estate Lawyer, and estate agents will be part of the Course.


  • Setting up the right business model a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a corporation, or a limited liability corporation (LLC).


  • Budget/ Business; plan adequate funds for living expenses for one or two years.


  • Tools and equipment expected for to run your business


  • Tax Information and accounting information (both federal and provincial).


  • Workman's Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB)


  • Insurances, General Liability, Errors and Omissions, insurance deductibles


  • Where possible, "plow" revenue back into the business for advertising and additional training


If you perform 100 inspections per year, your expenses could easily be as high as $300 per inspection. Few new inspectors are likely to get 100 inspections in their first year. As you perform more inspections per year, your cost per inspection may go down somewhat, but the cost of running a business does not go away. If you do not take into account the cost of doing business, you will not succeed.