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Standard Home Inspection


Buying a property is probably one of biggest investment decisions you will ever make. A home is more than just a roof over your head. It is a place you share significant moments with loved ones and entertain your friends. It is a place you are likely to live for your entire life. It is your nest-egg and a reflection of your achievements - your price asset that you are likely to pass it down to your children. It is common practice for us to send our cars for yearly inspection to ensure its roadworthiness, more so for our home to ensure that we are not being shortchanged.


CHI Corp inspectors are trained and qualified to conduct a thorough, meticulous and systematic property inspection. Canadian Home Inspection Corporation offers a comprehensive range of inspection services to property owners. CHI Corp inspectors are Trained on the Ontario Building Code (OBC) and Construction Quality and Assessment System (CONQUAS). For every inspection, we provide you with a comprehensive written report on the conditions of your property as well as a list of defects that need to be rectified or given attention. Do yourself a favor, protect your investment, get an inspection from the Canadian Home Inspection Corporation.


Our Home Inspection is an essential service, with the added value of another layer of technical depth and possibly locate problems that may not otherwise be found. The Home Inspection does not include a full scan of the house but our home inspectors can use the IR camera during the inspection in a localized area on a discretionary basis. 


Hiring an unbiased, third-party inspector ensures that the home inspection does what it’s meant to do – protect you, the homeowner. 


As a buyer, a home inspection:


  • Clearly provides you with a better understanding of the house - existing condition of various systems and components, need for repairs/improvements/upgrades, further evaluation, and also alerts you to any safety hazards before you buy.  


  • Reduces the number of surprises you may discover after you move in


  • Get invaluable details about your potential new home – as a courtesy, we'll point out where the main shut-offs to the utilities are located, provide renovation/maintenance/energy saving advice, and answer any questions you may have.  All from an objective standpoint as we do not benefit in any repair or improvement.


  • ​Our inspection will reduce your risks by identifying conditions that will affect your decision to buy, renegotiate, or not to buy the property.  These conditions will be reported to you in an easy to understand manner (verbally and by the report itself) with prioritized recommendations.

Provided with a Standard Home Inspection.


  • Full Colour electronic (pdf) inspection report sent to you by email that includes

    • Summary Page

    • Photos & Illustrations,

    • Recommendations

    • Live links & access to a 400-page Home reference e-book

    • Additional relevant documents to provide you with a better understanding of certain issues pertaining to the house

    • Home Maintenance schedule

    • Home improvement / Repair cost guide.


  • Free thermal scan of localized areas on a discretionary basis.


  • Lifetime appliance recall protection on home appliances and HVAC equipment, seperate report provided.


  • Free email or telephone consultation for as long as you own your home.