Provided with a

Commercial Inspection.


  • A focused inspection with emphasis on ASTM 2018 Standard


  • Free thermal scan of localized areas on a discretionary basis.



Retail Commercial inspections


Retail spaces are one of the most complex commercial properties to inspect as not only do they need to be safe for both employees and customers, but often they also need to be able to receive, store, and secure merchandise for sale. Plus, these buildings typically see high volumes of traffic accessing both the site and the building.



The Canadian Home Inspection Corporation knows retail commercial no matter if you are looking at a mall-based lease or a stand alone building. 



Common deficiencies in retail inspections include:

  • Missing life safety equipment and signage

  • Emergency egress doors blocked or inoperative

  • Employee safety concerns at loading bays and doors



Special areas of review in retail inspections include:

  • Customer access to site, parking, walkways, and doors

  • Emergency lighting, fire corridors, signage, and stairwells to protect staff and customers

  • Correctly functioning emergency egress doors that also are secure for protecting merchandise



Our complete report includes a review of all major components, including:

  • Site Review (Drainage, Vegetation, walkways, etc.)

  • Parking (Paved Surfaces, property accesses, curbs, parking structures)

  • Building Structure

  • Exteriors (Walls, Doors, Windows)

  • Electrical Review (Electrical Supply, Distribution)

  • Roofing Review (Roofing Type, Condition Report)

  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning)

  • Plumbing (Fresh Water, Domestic Water Heating, Storm Waste, Sanitary Waste)

  • Life Safety (emergency exits, corridors, stairwells, signage)

  • Elevator/Escalator Operation

  • On-Site interviews with personal knowledgeable about the building included in the report

  • Colour photos of installed equipment, building interiors and exterior, and concerns discovered in the inspection



Services not included in the Property Condition Report that can be arranged separately by clients are:

  • Environmental Site Assessment

  • Life/Fire Safety System Certification Inspections

  • Elevator/Escalator Certification Inspections