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Pre-List Inspections


The trend is changing, and Sellers are having a home inspection at the time of their listing in order to repair or determine the condition of their home, and to use it as a sales tool. A Seller’s inspection will virtually eliminate all the hassles and blown deals inspections cause when the Buyer brings their inspector. It gives the leverage back to the Seller.


  • No more renegotiation after the home inspection.


  • No more alarmed buyers when the home inspector finds a problem.


  • No more does the Seller have to deal with inflated repair estimates that costs him or her money.


  • No more countless hours and dollars in energy to get a contract that is “blown out of the water” by surprise defects.


  • Above all, a Seller’s Inspection is the ultimate gesture of full disclosure and will help protect the Seller.


How easy is selling a house with a Seller’s Inspection? If a seller’s inspection is performed and significant damage or defects are found, there will be disappointment, but no hysteria or regret. No deal about to go sour. The agent will discuss the problems with the Seller and will determine if this listing is “AS IS” with full disclosure, or if any repairs need correcting to expedite the sale. The Seller then corrects any problem areas, and calls for a reinspection of the home. The home inspector returns a new version of the updated report. Next, a Buyer enters a contract agreement with the Seller.


It should be noted that the pre-sale inspection service is reporting on the condition of the home at the time of the inspection. A buyer may want his/her own report completed prior to deciding on the purchase of the home, since conditions of the home may have changed over time.



Provided with a Pre-list Inspection.


  • A focused inspection with emphasis on

    • Improvement recommendations for conditions, with timeframes and ball park costs.

    • Photos and colour illustrations for clarity

    • Reference material to help people understand how their home works, life cycles and costs of home components and critical maintenance tips

    • House as a System

    • Appliance lifecycle


  • A one-page PDF Summary Report that can be shared with prospective buyers. The report highlights positive attributes and the major findings of the inspection. To view a sample of our one-page PDF Summary.


  • A Complete PDF Report that can be shared with prospective buyers. The report highlights positive attributes and the findings of the inspection. To view a sample of our Pre-list Inspection PDF report,


  • We can also inform you of the number of times a report has been downloaded to provide you with insight to the traffic on your property.








What about the Buyer?


We are often asked whether home buyers are at a disadvantage because they did not get an inspection. While Seller’s Inspections help buyers make an informed offer, some buyers want their own inspection performed as well. We fully support this, and Carson Dunlop offers an Onsite Review with the buyers to go through the home and explain the report. This service can be performed before or after the home changes hands. It is done with the Home Inspection professional who completed the initial inspection. He or she will explain the report and answer questions; it’s like a customized course in home maintenance.