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New Home (TARION) Inspections


We are Toronto's leading firm for New Home Construction and TARION Warranty inspections.  Rely on our experience for Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI), 30-Day, 1 Year and 2 Year new home inspections, and assisting you with the Warranty Claim submission process.  Our inspection process, knowledge, and detailed reports are designed to meet the unique needs of new home purchasers.


We supply you with a comprehensive, independent, and impartial examination of your home’s structure and systems integrity.  As recommended by most Real Estate Lawyers, the Pre-delivery inspection (PDI) is your last chance to discuss deficiencies with your builder prior to closing.


This inspection will:


  • Identify items that may require current or future attention.  These are items that you as a homeowner would not normally be expected to identify, as they may require specialized knowledge and expertise.


  • Document the nature and extent of construction, workmanship, or component defects.


  • Inform you about construction, operation, and maintenance elements of the home, and assist you in understanding the various components and systems in your home.


  • In addition to our comprehensive inspection, we provide you with the following.


  • Our detailed report typically 45-50 pages, describing the inspection process and findings along with photos.


  • PDF file as well as a printed copy of the Tarion Warranty Form, with deficiencies listed on your form.


  • A printed summary report of deficiencies, to assist in preparing warranty submissions.



As related to the Warranty Program service requests, information provided by the inspection report can be used as the basis for reporting defects to the builder and Tarion.  Our inspection report documents all observed defects as noted at the time of inspection and adhere to the Construction Performance Guide.


Some builders have stated they will not allow home inspectors to attend.  It is an owner’s right to have a professional home inspector accompany them in order to protect their investment.  Many builders site insurance issues as a reason for not allowing visitors to their construction sites.  I hold and have completed the mandatory “Construction Fall Safety” course, required by builders for regular trades and site visitors.


Should the builder refuse to allow you to have a professional home inspector attend, you should contact the Tarion Warranty Office and your lawyer.

Provided with a New Home Inspection.


  • A focused inspection with emphasis on

    • Building Code issues based on the Construction Performance Guide (CPG)

    • Unsafe hazardous conditions

    • Inoperable systems

    • House as a System

    • Appliance lifecycle


  • Free thermal scan of localized areas on a discretionary basis.


  • Free email or telephone consultation for as long as you own your home.