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Maintenance Inspections


Very few things are maintenance free. Proper and on-going maintenance your home’s structural and mechanical systems is essential to keeping or increasing its value over time.


A house consists of many different interrelated systems and materials. Consequently, a change in one component might have dramatic, even catastrophic, effect on the performance of that assembly or the house as a whole. Basement or crawlspace water entry is the biggest problem. There are of course several conditions that may result in leakage. Houses are not boats, and foundation walls are not hulls. If water collects outside a foundation wall, it will find its way through. The best moisture control strategy is to keep the water away from the outside of the house with good gutters and grading.


Maintenance inspections should be done every three to five years to identify and monitor certain conditions and components. For example, regular inspection of the roof gives a homeowner enough time to find the right contractor and get several quotes before a minor repair becomes an emergency.


Spring and fall are the ideal times to check on the condition of your home. Many bigger problems could have been avoided with regular maintenance. No two homes are the same because of their design, type of materials, location, yard features, occupant living habits and weather conditions. This monitoring allows you to shop ahead of time for a component that is at the end of its life. This way you will get the product of your choice at the best price.


You are looking for safety issues that can cause a fire. Faulty fuel combustion appliances can create serious life safety conditions. Do all your smoke alarms work, is the fire extinguisher fully charged. Are there any trip hazards such as uneven steps or walkways Are hand and guard rails secure. Are all covers on electrical outlets. Make sure there is no rot at the bottom of support posts. You are checking for water leaks. It is the slow leak that goes unnoticed that causes the worst damage. To allow the building materials to dry properly all vines, shrubbery, trees must be trimmed back. Check for caulking and weather stripping around all doors and windows.



As a homeowner, a maintenance inspection:


  • Provides a blueprint for your home maintenance plan


  • Ranks and prioritizes any deficiencies a home may have


  • Offers advice and recommendations for approaching repairs


  • Helps extend the life of a home’s many components


  • Can assist in reducing energy consumption costs


  • Can help you avoid major repairs down the road

Provided with a Standard Home Inspection.


  • Full Colour electronic (pdf) inspection report sent to you by email that includes

    • Summary Page

    • Photos & Illustrations,

    • Recommendations

    • ive links & access to a 400-page Home reference e-book

    • Additional relevant documents to provide you with a better understanding of certain issues pertaining to the house

    • Home Maintenance schedule

    • Home improvement / Repair cost guide.


  • Free thermal scan of localized areas on a discretionary basis.


  • Lifetime appliance recall protection on home appliances and HVAC equipment


  • Free email or telephone consultation for as long as you own your home.