Home Inspectors Continuing Education


Continuing education is a key element to success in any profession. In today’s fast paced environment, knowledge is power.


We founded the Canadian Home Inspection Corporation in field training program because we saw the need for course graduated inspectors to get the in-field training and mentoring they require. We understand that ongoing training and support after graduation is essential for success. You have access to our hands-on field training and personal business coaching.


You get solid technical training in every aspect of home inspection plus comprehensive knowledge on operating a successful business from a marketing and sales perspective.


Please refer to "Standard Course Policies" for information on Arrival at Courses, Meals and Refreshments, Course Times, Payment Information, Admissions, Cancellation Policy, and local accommodations


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Field Training Program


Our intensive and interactive field training program provides an opportunity to work with a experienced inspector. You will have an opportunity to inspect different homes with the Inspector, write the reports, and discuss the results with the inspector. At the end of the day, there is no substitute for experience.

Successful Business Practices


Building your home inspection business can be a challenge when starting off, there are so many variables. Your marketing plan is the first step to achieving your goal of building your successful home inspection business. We will help you avoid pitfalls and focus on winning strategies. Our business enterprise professionals will provide one-on-one feedback to help you create a customized two-year and five year marketing plan. Your success will depend as much on your marketing ability and human relations skills as your technical competence.

Specific Products or Services Training


Thought about adding speciality services or products to your inspection inventory? We can provide training on the latest tools and home inspection gadgets to make your business even more successful. Our inventory includes drones, plumbing cameras, camera sticks and more. If you need training and experience we are here to help.

Commercial Business Practices


Experience in residential inspections or construction are all useful when tackling commercial properties, however most inspectors find the commercial process to be much more challenging than they expected. Questions arise which were not addressed in the training courses, manual, and previously unheard-of problems tend to appear. The process would be much simpler if only a trained professional were present to act as a guide through this process. That's where Canadian Home Inspection Corporation come in, we are here to help.

Environmental Business Practices


An introduction and review of the many factors that must be addressed in order to undertake a meaningful environmental test. For each environmental test area, the basic theory is introduced along with examples of various test applications so that the students can gain a better appreciation for the subject matter prior to delving into the detailed test equipment, methods, and procedures.


First Aid  / CPR Training


A full complement of first aid and CPR training to help workplaces comply with both federal and provincial/territorial occupational health and safety legislation. The Canadian Home Inspection Corporation also offers corporate First Aid training and health and safety products to clients.