Home Watch Services


Home Watch Service (Digital Report)

Canadian Home Inspection Corporation provides a Home Check Service for residential homes, apartments, condos, townhomes and properties in  The Greater Toronto Area Our Home Check Service provides a link to absentee owners, vacationers, business travelers, snowbirds and second home owners away for a short or extended time period.


We offer basic and customized home checks that will suit your needs and meet your home insurance policy requirements. All visits are conducted at varied times by uniformed Canadian Home Inspection Corporation staff who are trained, reliable, thorough, insured and police checked. We will visit your residence on a regular schedule - on dates chosen by you or your insurer, to ensure that both the security and mechanical aspects of your home are monitored on a regular and professional basis. There are no minimum number of visits and we do not live in your home!


  • Check the windows, doors, garage and yard areas for signs of entry.

  • Check the indoor and outdoor lighting system and timers.

  • Randomly open or close curtains and drapes, bring in or forward mail.

  • Check for water leaks and electrical concerns inside and outside.

  • Make sure the furnace or fireplace is operating.

  • Ensure doors, windows and garage locks are secure and locked.

  • Look for roof, gutter and downspout damage and drainage concerns.

  • Check for signs of insects, rodents and other pests.