Expert Eye Witness


If you're thinking of pursuing litigation against a Home Inspector, Builder, Contractor or other party we can help.


Our inspectors provide their support and expertise to homeowners during legal proceedings related to incomplete or inaccurate home inspections, unskilled contractor services, builder incompetence, as well as other related disservices.


The legal process is intimidating – especially when you’re up against contractors, builders or even other home inspectors and not familiar with the construction and home inspection industry yourself.


Not knowing the language, the terms and basic principles can be a big disadvantage. It would easier if you were an expert, so why not hire one?


Canadian Home Inspection Corporation Inspectors can help by attending court and providing their expertise and credentials to support your claims during litigation.


For more information contact us at 866.693.2097 and inquire about our Expert Witness Services.


We are here to help!

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