Drone Inspections


We have always led the inspection industry with new technology and were doing again with our aerial drone roof inspections and crawl space drone inspections, and clients are loving it!


Our aerial assessment of the roof using the drone equipped with a high-definition camera is offered at an additional cost. A small price to pay for extra peace of mind.  



Arial Drone Inspection

We are excited to offer aerial drone roof inspections now as a service. Some roof systems are subject to physical damage by foot traffic. Therefore, they can only be evaluated from ground level or the attic area. While this is an adequate visual assessment for roof leaks. It may not reveal other defects or deficiencies such as cracked, chipped or broken roof tiles, substandard roof installation or other deficiencies that may lead to future roof leaks.

Vehicle Drone Inspection

We are excited to offer vehicle drone crawl space inspections now as a service. If we can’t get into a crawlspace , we can use a remote-controlled drone to drive under the house and photograph the crawlspace from below. Small dark places are well suited for the vehicle drone. Its able to get in to tight spaces that an inspector could not. It allows us to inspect using a live video feed and take photos of issues / concerns.

Arial Drone Video
Vehicle Drone Video