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Commercial Business Practices


The Commercial Property Inspection Course is taught by experienced commercial property inspectors from our partners at Environmental Risk Assessment Management (ERAM) and designed to teach the business of commercial inspecting


When a commercial, retail, or family housing property is in the acquisition process, the buyer or lender may request a Property Condition Assessment (PCA) to ensure due diligence and identify any significant deficiencies of the property to better comprehend the condition of the asset being acquired.


PCAs are included in the American Society of Material Testing (ASTM) standard guide, “ASTM E2018 Standard Guide for Property Condition Assessments: Baseline Property Condition Assessment Process,” which was originally published in 1999. This standard was last updated in 2008 and is known as ASTM E2018-08.


The PCA evaluates the site and its general risks for drainage issues and aesthetics; the building elements such as walls, foundations, and stairways; operating systems such as mechanical and electrical systems; people mover capabilities such as elevators; and Life Safety considerations and Water/Mold issues.


Multi-story office buildings, strip shopping centers, apartment complexes, industrial warehouses, and many other types of commercial properties are purchased by investors who need quality inspections and information. This classroom course provides guidelines and actual skills necessary to perform a pre-purchase inspection and prepare a written, narrative report on a commercial property. You will conduct a real "Hands On" commercial inspection at the end of the class.