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Walk-Thru Inspections


A walk-thru inspection is ideal for people that are considering buying a house but don’t necessarily want a full inspection. A walk-thru inspection is great if the house is in good shape, but you just want some peace of mind.


It is also great in areas where bidding wars take place, where you may have to inspect four or five properties before landing the property that suites your needs. This can end up saving you hundreds of dollars, since there is no need for a full inspection when you may not even get the house. You will have the knowledge of expected costs for the bidding process.


The walk through typically takes 1 hour with an inspection of the major components of the house. No written report is given so clients must follow the inspector and take note.



Verification Inspection


A Walk-Thru inspection is also a great tool to validate another companies pre-list inspection report. There are all types of unqualified home inspectors and companies writing biased reports to suit the selling of a home. Ensure that the other company report is telling you everything you should know about your potential home. A pre-list inspection only obligation is to the seller (not you)


We will go thru their report and do an hour-long inspection on the home to ensure that all items are reported and reported correctly.


Provided with a Walk-Thru Inspection.


  • A focused inspection with emphasis on

    • Potential Major Expenses

    • Unsafe hazardous conditions

    • Inoperable systems

    • House as a System

    • Appliance lifecycle


  • Free thermal scan of localized areas on a discretionary basis.


  • validation of another companie's inspection report.


  • Free email or telephone consultation for as long as you own your home.