COVID-19 and Home Inspections


While we typically encourage our clients to attend the home inspection, we’re temporarily changing that request. We’re no longer encouraging our clients to join us at the inspection. Instead, we’ll have a brief call at the end of the inspection to sum up our findings and then later conduct a phone review of the inspection with the client after we’ve sent out the report. If our clients insist upon attending, we will allow it, but we’re are no longer encouraging it. In addition, only the client(s) and their real estate agent may attend the inspection, and cannot bring others along.

We want to share what we’re doing as a company to help keep everyone safe, please click on the COVID 19 Logo link below.


Residential Products and Services

Buying a home may be the biggest purchase you’ll ever make, as well as one of the most important. When you’ve found the home that meets your wants and needs, you tend to know it the minute you walk through the front door. Make the most important decision an educated decision with a home inspection from the Canadian Home Inspection Corporation.


Canadian Home Inspection Corporation offers a number of home inspection services for home buyers, most with a complete digital report with pictures.

Commercial Products and Services

Assessing the condition of buildings, facilities or lands is often an important, and overlooked, requirement of commercial lenders and insurers.


Whether it is assessing the condition of your existing portfolio for a third party, or accurately quantifying your current and future capitial liabilities/needs the Canadian Home Inspection Corporation and our professional partners can help you meet those requirements and/or strategic goals.

Environmental Products and Services

Quantifying your environmental risk and/or liabilities requires not only technical knowledge and competence but the ability to manage environmental projects in a way that is both cost-effective and technically sound.


Many consultants can provide you with one, but not the other.  At Canadian Home Inspection Corporation we work to ensure that we investigate and assess environmental issues on your behalf professionally and in conformity with regulations, as well as industry standards and best practices, to ensure the investigation or remediation is not just cost-effective but provides you with the depth of information you require with verifiable quality assurance and quality control.

Additional Products and Services


Having as much information as possible about a home can reduce initial moving stress and provide direction on future.


We offer additional products and services in addition to home inspections, and these related services can be chosen with the inspection or scheduled separately.

Welcome Home


Canadian Home Inspection Corporation (CHI Corp), founded in 2007 in Toronto, Ontario, has developed a Canadian network of Home Inspection Professionals, making it one of the fastest growing home inspection companies today. CHI Corp began with home inspection business franchises in the Ontario and within a year, not only dominated this regional market but has since has started expanding across the Canada.


Part of the equation for success of the Canadian Home Inspection Corporation is the growing demand for professional home inspection services. Driving this increase is heightened consumer awareness of the necessity for home inspections in the buying process, an advocacy of home inspections by Realtors® and lenders, and the introduction of mandatory property disclosure laws requiring the seller to fully disclose any problems with the property.


Differentiating each Canadian Home Inspection Corporation home inspector from all others even further is the wide array of services available. With environmental concerns on the rise, many CHI Corp inspectors have home inspector training and are qualified to perform mould screening, radon testing, sampling for lead in water, water quality analysis, Sewer Camera Inspections, and swimming pool / spa inspections, in addition to a complete array of home inspection services. (All services not available at all CHI Corp locations. Please contact your local CHI Corp home inspector for service availability.) The anticipated industry growth combined with our proven business concepts, positions the Canadian Home Inspection Corporation Home Inspection to dominate every market it targets.



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